Will my credit union maintain CFPB compliance with the QCash short-term, small-dollar lending platform?

May 7, 2018

by Heidi Tinsley, QCash Director of Client Success

Credit unions interested in QCash, the short-term, small-dollar lending program, want to make sure that it complies with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations.

Here are the three requirements for the QCash short-term, small-dollar lending program to maintain CFPB compliance:

  1. Loans may not have an interest rate of more than 36%
  2. Payment terms must be at least 45 days or more
  3. Disclosures must adhere to the Truth in Lending Act (TILA)

QCash also provides the following assurances:

As a short-term, small-dollar lending program, QCash maintains ongoing compliance with CFPB regulations.

QCash ensures compliance by utilizing necessary resources and staying aligned with compliance regulations.

QCash provides web-based features like TILA documentation and e-Signature capability.

With QCash, credit unions have immediate access to all TILA documentation to upload and print as required to provide borrowers. The built-in e-Signature feature provides an extra layer of security to protect members’ transactions, keeping private information and digital data safe.

QCash allows credit unions to offer short-term, small-dollar loans to military members and stay in compliance with CFPB.

QCash provides credit unions the ability to offer loans to military members, increasing the service level for this important market segment.

Automated payment schedule

QCash initiates and automates a repayment schedule when the loan is funded, eliminating extra steps for the credit union and delivering members the convenience of automated payments.

QCash is CFPB compliant with its automated repayment processes and technology.

The QCash automated repayment process and technology for member loans is CFPB compliant.

QCash technology and methodology follows CFPB regulations.

The QCash short-term, small-dollar lending platform technology and methodology are CFPB compliant.

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