Measuring the Success of Your Credit Union’s Small-Dollar Loan Program

Measuring the success of your credit union’s small dollar loan program can be difficult. Success depends upon what metric you want to measure.

Best Practices for Marketing a Credit Union Small-Dollar Loan Program

When you implement a small-dollar loan program at your credit union, these are the three easiest outreach strategies you can use.

How Does a Credit Union Overcome the Potential Brand Implications from Implementing a Small-Dollar Loan Program?

Most short-term lenders have developed a negative reputation. How can credit unions successfully combat the stigma against small-dollar loan programs?

Is There Risk in Quick Click Loans for Credit Unions?

Quick click loans for credit unions bring with them several forms of risk. Does the risk outweigh the reward for credit unions in the short-term lending marketplace?

The Changing Face of Credit Union Small-Dollar Lending Platforms

Throughout the last year, several regulatory bodies have revisited their policies surrounding small-dollar lending programs. How does this affect credit unions?

How Do Most Credit Unions Currently Offer Small-Dollar Loans

Regardless of obstacles, credit unions should still consider offering small-dollar loan services to their members. While the quick loan industry’s reputation was tarnished by predatory lenders, the service itself is increasingly necessary.

What are the Pros and Cons of Partnering with QCash Small Dollar Lending?

Introducing any new technology to a tried-and-true sector is a recipe for radical change. Generally, the change is for the positive, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any drawbacks to innovation. The question is when partnering with financial technology companies, what do you give, and what do you get? When you’re on the front lines […]

How Does QCash Partner with Fintechs?

In the world of financial technology, it’s important to know that companies can form partnerships to better serve their clients. So how does QCash partner with other fintech companies? Imagine a world where fintech companies received report cards. Not just the usual A, B-, C+, or D nonsense, but a report card with healthy evaluative […]

Buy vs Build?

July 30, 2018 by Ben Morales, CEO QCash Why would a credit union make their own payday lending platform versus using the QCash platform? I’m often asked, “Why wouldn’t a credit union just do this on their own versus using the QCash platform?” The bottom line is, what we want from QCash Financial is everyone […]

Are QCash and Payday Loans the Same Thing?

QCash Loan or Payday Loans July 26, 2018 Unexpected things come up in life. Car repairs, medical emergencies, and other expenses that must be taken care of seem to pop up at the worst time. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. While some people do have savings accounts, they may not have enough money saved […]