The Member Segments Most Affected by Credit Union Small-Dollar Loan Programs

Small-dollar loans from credit unions can help many member segments. Read on to learn who is most affected—and why.

How Credit Unions Can Justify APRs over 18% for Small-Dollar Loans

Credit unions offer many types of loans, most of which cap well below an 18% APR. Read on to learn why higher interest rates make sense for small-dollar loans.

The Member Impact of Credit Union Small-Dollar Loan Programs

Implementing small-dollar loan programs at credit unions affects more than just low-income members. Read on to learn who small loans can help.

Can a Credit Union Small-Dollar Loan Program Help Convert Members into Traditional Borrowers?

Most credit union small-dollar loan programs assist people who are too cash-strapped to make large purchases. Can quick loans convert short-term borrowers into traditional ones?

Can Quick Small Loans Have a Positive Impact in an Emergency?

During emergencies and disasters, resources are tight. Should credit unions offer quick small loans to their members?

What’s the Process for Getting a Quick Loan?

Most prominent online resources say that it takes 1–3 days to receive funding from a quick loan. However, it can be accomplished in as little as 60 seconds with QCash.

How do Credit Unions Reach Their Communities with Small-Dollar Loans?

Small-dollar loan programs from credit unions can help their members during difficult times. Learn more to find out how you can make this service known to your credit union community.

What are the Most Common Reasons Credit Union Members Use Small Dollar Loans?

Without a buffer of money in a savings or deposit account, most Americans are in danger of running out of money at the first setback.

How Can Quick, Small Loans Help Members Affected by a Government Shutdown?

Currently, disagreements over funding for Donald Trump’s proposed border wall have partially shut down the U.S. government. In this article, we’ll explore what that shutdown means for government employees. We’ll also suggest how credit unions can support their government employee members during the shutdown by offering quick, small loans. Regardless of your political leanings, one […]

How Do QCash Small Dollar Loans Help Member Health?

Payday loans have not been received very favorably recently, by either the general populace nor by the legislature. And yet, at QCash, we still see small dollar loans as an important aspect of credit union member health. Why do we continue to hold this viewpoint? We understand that financial health means different things to different […]