The Digital Lending Platform for short-term credit and
small-dollar loans


Tools for financial institutions to help customers of modest means borrow, spend, save, and plan their financial futures.



The lack of savings and credit options turns millions of Americans to other non-bank solutions to fill instant liquidity needs caused by gaps in income and expense, emergencies and credit availability.

QCash Financial offers financial institutions and their customers a secure, convenient and more affordable solution.


Instant approval and funding in under 60s or less.


Omni-channel ready. Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.


Data Driven. No credit check required.


Lower rates and fees. Adjustable to meet the goals of any organization.


Fully white-labeled or use ‘powered by: QCash’ to create a recognizable tag for new customer acquisition.


Fully compliant with CRA and CFPB regulations. Designed to adapt as new regulations are issued.


Save your customers millions.

Adjust your rates and fees to save your customer base millions compared to other short-term credit options.

Utilize our battle-tested algorithms to offer the services customers are seeking without the fees and rates normally associated with short-term credit.

2017 WSECU QCash Case Study

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