Request Whitepaper QCash/Filene Pilot

QCash Financial is excited to be collaborating with the Filene Research Institute to pilot our cash management solution. Ben Morales, QCash’s CEO was an original i3er. Both organizations are thrilled not only to be collaborating, but also bringing innovation into action through this pilot.

If your credit union is interested in providing fast, lower-priced loan alternatives, a better digital member experience and driving revenue to your credit union, select the “Learn More” button below to discover if the QCash/Filene Pilot is right for your organization.

If you provide lending services in Canada, be sure to select the “Webinar Sign Up” button below to register for our Filene Research Institute webinar on June 21, 2016. By attending, you will gain a better understanding of the Canadian credit union ecosystem and small-dollar lending alternatives to predatory lending practices.