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Listen to industry experts discuss Small Dollar Lending and the options for Credit Union Members and local communities.

Remarkable Credit Union

  • Ben Morales, CEO of QCash, joins the Remarkable Credit Union to talk about what it means to offer an alternative to payday lending. On this podcast, he shares his unique perspective on why members need these sorts of loans, how a credit union can think about payday lending from a strategy, branding, and financial wellness standpoint, and why a 60-second approval process was the bar QCash had to meet to make their product effective.

Filene Research Institute

  • Filene Research Institute's Tansley Stearns and Holly Fearing, jump on the line with Qcash Financial CEO Ben Morales to find out more about this short-term small-dollar lending solution that offers credit union members instant funding in less than 60 seconds.Ben shares insights from more than a decade of work behind refining this program and the relationship-based data that makes it so innovative, while Tansley talks future opportunities for credit unions with Qcash.


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